Sitcom: Bad effects for teenager when they watching sitcom

In the modern era , sitcom dominate television shows , ranging from sitcom teenager until sitcom for adult.Sitcom is a continuation of cinema electronic means creative works of art and culture , and media communication point of view heard made by cinematography with recorded video tape through electronic processes then broadcast through the television station . According to the Indonesian General Dictionary Third Edition Sitcom is a film that is specially made for delivery in electronic media such as television . sitcoma is an event that is broadcast by a television drama featuring stories from sad to happy stories . Indeed sitcom can make the audience entertained with stories exist but if seen again real soap opera have many adverse effects , especially for children under age.
Sitcom have symptoms that are harmful for teens because it will make a passive brain, paralyzing critical thinking skills and intelligence of right brain damage. Moreover, the sitcom at this time tend to show the habits of teenagers are almost the same as real life. Most also the theme of the sitcom is not about education but more likely a problem romance, even not infrequently showing scenes porn. The actions are often performed by teens that lifestyle like dressed glamour, promiscuity is synonymous with promiscuity, and styles of speaking that does not comply with the rules of good. While in sitcom that is currently running normally, the female student wear miniskirt 10-15 cm above the knee, wear leotards, colored hair, thick makeup, and not forbidden to wear excessive jewelry. And for the students, long hair colored with a strange style, wearing earrings, bracelets and chains hung in many places.
The ill effects of a soap opera for children is first , teenagers can mimic what is shown sitcom . Many scenes in sitcom inappropriate to be seen , such as the students who work on the teacher, or the bullying against friends , children against parents to school children who become pregnant outside of marriage . Scenes like this of course is not very good to look at, especially for teenagers . They will assume that the above scene are something cool. As reported by Hasnawati in link Adolescence is a period of transition someone from children to adulthood . Attitudes mimic in teenagers is a form of puberty experienced by the state of the soul that is still unstable . Exposure to the action of bullying sitcom that often inspire teens to try it in the real world . Not surprisingly, we find teenagers who say the words bullying or even commit acts of bullying in their neighborhoods.
The second , on behavior in sitcom many teenagers who behave outside the boundaries and very disrespectful . And also in the sitcom , featuring scenes that discriminate based on wealth friend , and oppress the poor and weak child expresses the view that soap operas featuring scene rape , theft , kidnapping , beatings , oppression and show off treasures . who often witnessed by teens on television , scenes that can change the behavior of adolescents themselves because as if he wants to imitate what he saw and watched on television . for their teenage children are not yet fully aware of the scenes were done on television , they assume that the scenes shown on television was actually a real –existence.
Furthermore , in many soap operas showing excessive love scene like making out in public to get pregnant outside marriage , a scene like this really can make teenagers think negatively. According to Astrid in link scenes that the artist played in the sitcom , will much give a bad influence on children. Children who are innocent and can not distinguish between real life and only acting easily emulate what soap opera . Suppose scenes of violence , if the child is not accompanied by a parent could have children imitate violent scenes like in the soap operas , such as fighting, hitting up to grab his hair . Another example is the antagonist scene that always exist in every sitcom also easily imitated children . So do not be surprised if children are watching soap operas faster upset if his wish was fulfilled . “The boy is a great curiosity . And children like to imitate what they see. If he sees a bad example , it could be your child behaving badly like.
Furthermore, teenagers can become addicted to soap operas, they spend their time soap opera , to lose track of time , and teens themselves forget his duty to learn . They put off the task , only to watch their favorite soap operas . Soap operas really make teenagers lose track of time. As reported by In addition , the soap opera also has a long duration of up to tens episode even reaching hundreds , which makes the teens forget the time . The teenagers tend addictive because curious about the next episode that makes them want to watch again and again until they lost track of time . This is also what makes teenagers become lazy to do his job as a teenager and prioritize for more interesting to watch soap operas . This statement is also supported by Lanny , an elementary school teacher who said that soap operas does have a long duration and time-consuming teenagers so they also have a dependence on television that make them lazy.
Actually , not only have a negative impact on teenagers sitcom also have positive impact as provide entertainment to teenagers , makes teenagers are not obsolete . But for teenagers when watching sitcom , they must watching sitcom with parents. So that the tenager can understand that not all the scenes in the sitcom can be realized in real life .

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