Compost : The benefit compost for Indonesian farmer

Fertilizers are materials added to the growing media and plants to provide for the necessary plant nutrients so that they can produce well . Fertilizers are materials or substances that provide good nutrition in the form of organic and inorganic nutrients to the soil with the aim of improving the growth of plants , herbs and other vegetation . Fertilizer is also an organic material or inorganic material obtained naturally or from the synthesis of a wide range of materials and added to the soil to provide the essential elements required for plant growth and development. According to Heriawan in link Organic farming is a form of new solutions to face the ‘ impasse ‘ facing farmers associated with many interventions synthetic materials in the agricultural world lately. Can be seen and the look , ranging from fertilizers , insecticides , growth stimulants , everything has been made from materials that are synthesized from pure compounds.
There are many types of fertilizer on the market , one of them is someone compost . Compost is an organic fertilizer made from man-made decay process effluent remains of living things ( plants and animals ) . Compost not only adds nutrients , but also maintain the function of the soil so that plants can grow well ( Yuwono , D . , 2005: 11 ) . Many of the benefits derived from the farmers , and here are the reasons why farmers should use compost .
First , compost can improve the soil. This would help farmers to overcome the problem of land that are not or less fertile . Soil quality is certainly greatly affect the crops. Soil quality is one of the complex problems experienced by farmers , because of the fertile soil can produce fertile plants . This greatly helps farmers to produce a good crop .in the opinion of Santoso , HB1998 .Compost. Yogyakarta: Canisius Compost is one of the components to improve soil fertility by improving soil physical damage the resulting from the use of inorganic fertilizer (chemical ) in the soil excessively undermine the structure of the soil in the long term
Compost is a fertilizer made from natural materials , so that the results of the plant would be a natural compost . Plants produced in the compost is certainly fresher , healthier and nonperishable . When consuming food from compost fertilizers , we do not feel worried about the risks posed .in the opinion of Ida Syamsu Roidah in link file:///C:/Users/TOSHIBA/Downloads/5-8-1-SM%20(4).pdf Compost can produce safe food that is nutrition enough so as to improve public health . It’s all Because compost is a type of organic fertilizer made from natural materials so that the risk is low for health.
Compost is very easy to find, not only that the compost can even be produced. Compost is very economical, with capital issued by economically-thrifty farmers can achieve greater profits. One way farmers harvest their crops successfully when it is able to save capital, and through the compost farmers can apply it. If do not have time to make their own compost, the farmers can afford it, of course compost fertilizer prices will not be as expensive as the price of modern fertilizers. Which required the farmers are keen in choosing fertilizers to support crops. As reported by Compost and manure are the main raw material. Compost can be made from organic ingredients anything, such as organic waste, residual straw, crop residues, agro-industrial waste and others. Actually composted manure, but the raw material is essentially cattle dung. All livestock manure can be made of manure, such as cow manure, chicken manure, waste goats, and even human feces can too. Noteworthy is that all these materials should be composted first. Organic ingredients that are still ‘raw’ can not be used as raw material for organic fertilizers.
This fertilizer is certainly very environmentally friendly, compost will not damage the environment . Considering the materials and the manufacturing process . This type of fertilizer is extremely safe for use by says Organic fertilizers are very useful for the improvement of agricultural production both in quality and quantity , reduce environmental pollution , and improve the quality of the land in a sustainable manner . The use of organic fertilizers in the long term can increase the productivity of land and prevent land degradation .
Actually in this modern age , the type of compost has many farmers abandoned . Because it is made from natural ingredients , so that the results of the crop was a bit slow when compared to other types of modern fertilizers . And that is why , in this modern era , many farmers have moved into modern fertilizer that contains chemicals but faster growth process . But modern fertilizers that may negatively impact on the crop produced.
References :
Santoso, H.B.1998.Pupuk Kompos. Yogyakarta:Kanisius
Membuat Pupuk Organik Sendiri


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